Phyllis M. Richardson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

What to Expect

At our first meeting, we will discuss what you are consulting me about. I will try to get an overview relatively quickly, attempting to understand the problem(s) in the context of your current life and who you are as a person. By the end of the first meeting, I will summarize what I see so far and give you an idea of how I think we should proceed. We will also discuss whether the "match" seems to be good enough to continue on with each other.

Second and third meetings are still considered to be assessment of the problem and building of the intervention plan. In addition, we may start to lay a foundation for the work with some behavioral changes, psycho-education, self-observation, and goal-setting.

Sometimes, a person just needs a session of two to express some feelings, get a new perspective or make a decision; when that's the case, that's what we do.

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